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the gender dynamics of the mining sector in mozambique

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    2021/05/23National Planning in the Global South. Analysing New National Planning for Sustainable Development. On 25 September 2021 all 193 UN Member States committed to a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Unlike the Millennium Development Goals, which were largely top-down in planning and reflected the priorities of donor countries, the

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  • A Guide for Governments and Partners to Integrate

    2021/06/08A Guide for Governments and Partners to Integrate Environment and Human Rights into the Governance of the Mining Sector June 8, 2021 This joint Guide by UNDP and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency seeks to

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  • Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor

    In 2021, Mozambique made a moderate advancement in efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labor. The government approved an update to new Penal Code, which includes prohibitions on human trafficking, child prostitution, and the use of children in pornography. Numerous trafficking in persons trainings were conducted throughout the country

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  • Mining industry worldwide

    2021/08/03Consequently, the mining sector is pivotal to the world's economy. The revenue of the top 40 global mining companies, which represent a vast majority of the whole industry, amounted to

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  • Women in Tech

    Women in Tech. PwC economists quantify benefits of greater gender equality in the workplace and present behavioural interventions to empower #WomenInTech. Despite decades of progress towards achieving equality in the workplace, women remain significantly under-represented in emerging tech. The imbalance between men and women in the technology

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  • High burden of self

    2021/08/27Background Key populations - men who have with men (MSM), workers (FSW) and people who inject drugs (PWID) – are at high risk for sexually transmitted infections (STI) given their sexual risk behaviours along with social, legal and structural barriers to prevention, care and treatment services. The purpose of this secondary analysis is to assess the prevalence of self

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  • Gender and Energy

    2021/06/27Gender and Energy. 4.333335. Rating: 4.3. (24) 34 Discussions. Visit Site. The online space for gender and energy aims to bring together practitioners from around the world to share experiences, emerging tools, available resources, and knowledge on Gender Equality and Energy through an interactive platform. Additional Info.

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  • Gender Diversity in Academic Sector—Case Study

    2021/07/10Diversity is one of the main characteristics of social groups, including work-teams. At the same time, gender is an important aspect of diversity in organizations, and gender diversity deals with the equal representation of men and women in the workplace. This article aims to analyze the issue of gender diversity in the academic sector and to evaluate the organizational maturity of particular

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  • The Future of Jobs

    to provide an outlook on the gender dynamics of the changes underway, a key element in understanding how the benefits and burdens of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be distributed. Overall, there is a modestly positive

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  • Global Report on Artisanal and Small

    Global Report on ArtisanalSmall-Scale Mining 3 Introduction In many parts of the world, artisanal or small-scale mining (ASM) activities are at least as important as large-scale mining activities, particularly in terms of the numbers

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  • Africa Portal

    Life Stories: Learning from Kismayo. 'Life Stories' is a set of deep, introspective narratives provided by six of the individual women that took part in a research process that examined the gendered dynamics of inter-clan conflict in Kismayo, Somalia, and in particular the role of women in processes of violence and peace. LifePeace Institute.

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  • Health systems and gender: what do we need to know and

    2021/09/03Health systems and gender: what do we need to know and why does it matter? How do health systems contribute to gender equity? New research published in Globalization and Health examines four post-conflict nations, finding the healthcare systems to be gender blind and in turn reinforcing cultural gender inequity.

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  • Addressing Gender

    take into account gender dynamics including GBVH risks at and community level. • Global: As part of efforts to strengthen safeguards for GBVH on infrastructure projects, including during the construction phase, the

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  • Market systems analysis

    2021/08/14Market systems analysis. Market Systems Analyses try to understand what is causing markets to under-perform and why they are not more inclusive for workers. The Lab has examples from agriculture, construction, tourism and garment markets, which identify underlying systemic constraints and strategies for more and better jobs.

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  • Mining for Change

    2021/03/13Mining for Change. Natural Resources and Industry in Africa. Edited by John Page and Finn Tarp. WIDER Studies in Development Economics. Author Information. John Page, Senior Fellow, Global Economy and Development, The Brookings Institution, USA,Finn Tarp, Professor of Development Economics, University of Copenhagen; and Non-Resident Senior

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  • Valueworks: Effects of Financialization along the Copper

    Although it was difficult to establish a clear nexus between financialization and gender dynamics at the local level, the research shows that following privatization of mining companies and increased financialization of the copper

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  • Exxaro contributes R3.5 million to the president's Gender

    2021/08/02I n honour of Women's month and to address Gender-Based Violence and Femicide in South Africa, Exxaro has contributed R3.5 million to the president's Gender-Based Violence and Femicide Response Fund. Exxaro

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  • ASM

    2021/03/03October 23, 2021, by Estelle Levin-Nally. Climate change and the failure of traditional livelihoods, economic transition and collapse, conflict, and high mineral prices have led to a doubling of the ASM population in fifteen years to a total of around 30 million worldwide.

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  • UNDP Guidance Note How to Conduct a Gender Analysis

    Specialized expertise in gender issues and/or sector-specific needs, and an allocation of financial resources for analyses. Access to national gender statistics, and operations research (i.e., findings derived from testing 2

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  • Why Research on Gender and Conflict Matters

    2021/03/08Why Research on Gender and Conflict Matters. At Crisis Group, we believe the interaction of gender and conflict is of central importance. But we consider carefully what a gender perspective entails and the conceptual pitfalls we should avoid. For instance, women are not just victims, but have agency and choice. Share.

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  • Mining

    2021/01/15This ensures that scholars reach a broader audience of development practitioners, but runs the risk of generalising resettlement dynamics in mining contexts. Terminski (2021), for example, positions MIDR as a distinct sub-category of DIDR by cataloguing the most "spectacular or social inflammatory" cases from the sector.

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  • Gender mainstreaming in mine action

    Gender mainstreaming in mine action is the application of gender mainstreaming to mine action.It is increasingly being adopted by international and state mine action organizations. General Gender mainstreaming in mine action is derived from the fact that women and men often have different roles and responsibilities within their communities or families and consequently different decision-making

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    Tackling gender inequality within the extractive industries demands a fundamental shift within the industry. It requires a reshaping of the values, culture and norms that produce and maintain gender bias within the sector. Given the

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  • Women's access to rural finance: challenges and opportunities

    gender dynamics both in rural areas and within the agricultural sector (CGAP, 2021; ILO, no date). According to the World Bank's Global Findex database of 2021, approximately 1.7 billion

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  • Who works in agriculture?

    with the Gender and Development Group, and as a poverty economist with the Africa region, Mozambique Country Office, where he worked closely with the Ministries of Planning and Development, and Agriculture and Rural 4 2

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    Dynamics in the policy environment at the national and international levels have significant bearing on the agricultural sector. There is need for a policy framework to guide the sector

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  • Our work in Southern Africa

    2021/09/19TB in the Mining Sector (TIMS) in Southern Africa. Mineworkers in Southern Africa have some of the highest rates of tuberculosis (TB) in the world – and the highest of any working population. It is thought that between 3-7% of miners fall ill with TB each year. This is a human rights crisis with huge economic and welfare costs.

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  • Gender equality in poorest nations hinges on post

    2021/06/08The report warns that the push to formalize artisanal and small-scale mining could leave women further behind in the sector. "Women are mostly excluded as license holders and decision-makers in miners' cooperatives and committees, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, so they're unlikely to benefit from formalization focused on licenses and cooperatives," Ms. Zarrilli said.

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  • Gender, diversity and inclusion statistics

    Gender-based violence and access to justice - Indicators Indicator Total Men Women Proportion of women and aged 15 years and older subjected to physical, sexual or psychological violence by a current or former partner (Juristat article, Table) More information on Proportion of women and aged 15 years and older subjected to physical, sexual or psychological violence by a current or

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  • The Role of Housing Finance in Making the New Urban

    Close behind, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Senegal, Mozambique, and Cameroon all showcased GDP growths at rates higher than 6 per cent. The ever increasing economic growth of these countries, coupled with the growing middle class and rapid urbanisation have led to heightened housing demand, especially for low- and middle-income households.

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  • First African Forum on Mining: A civil society perspective

    2021/12/09The results showed that on average, Ghana loses not less than US$2 billion per year, because of under invoicing and over invoicing in trades between the United States and Europe. On average 16 percent is mispriced in export, and 20 percent is mispriced in import.Bishop Akolgo then identified the three ways Ghana is losing in the mining sector

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  • Publications

    2021/07/29Urban Neighbourhood Dynamics and the Worst Forms of Child Labour CLARISSA Working Paper 9 While the worst forms of child labour (WFCL) is not only an urban phenomenon, evidence suggests that WFCL emerges in cities in unique ways due to the complex structures and dynamics

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